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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Awards Season!

Voting opened yesterday in the 2nd Annual SA Blog Awards. All of my favourites have been nominated; Somenoone, Ekapa, Terri’s Web Stuff, Tenmiles, Aquila online, Reluctant Nomad, Kyknoord, IITQ, Gabbahead, Gosu, Big Ric, Jo’blog, Splattermail, and many, many more. I urge you all (bloggers and visitors, alike) to take part and cast your votes in this prestigious event. It is all in the spirit of generating healthy competition amongst South African bloggers. You can vote every day, for all of your favourites, until voting closes at midnight on 3 March 2006. Democracy at its finest! Oh, and the Chitster has been nominated too. Apparently, there are a few people out there, who believe that I am funny and that my writing is worth shit. So mosey on over there, and vote! Pronto! Ok, I am about to have a kanipshin fit, so let me leave you in peace. As you were, soldiers!


Well done on the nomination.

Dogbert might be my little ray of bitter sunshine, but you are often my dose of hilarity.

However. You are not getting my vote until we hear about the Mom's tea party incident...

(What a memory I have - and what a perfect time to use some leverage!)

Ouch, ouch, ouch... that is brutal!
That story will be my downfall.
How abut we compromise... I don't tell and but you still vote for me, because I am such a dose of hilarity? :)

Oh. And thanks for the plug!


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