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Friday, February 25, 2005 

Time to get off this crazy ride

The Pope has hit the headlines again… this time because he underwent an emergency tracheotomy of the throat so that he could breathe. The Vatican reports that the frail 84 year old is in a stable condition at Rome’s Gemelli Polyclinic. I am sure millions of praying Catholics worldwide breathed a sigh of relief upon receiving the welcome news. Now I am happy that he was able to overcome the latest setback to his health. Yet I cannot help but wonder why are we trying so hard to keep this Holy Man alive and healthy here on earth? Surely he would be better off moving on to the next life so that he can spend an eternity with God, something he, unlike the rest of us sinful mortals, can be assured of? We are taught from an early age not to fear death as we are destined for something better and infinitely more rewarding when we finally get to be in the presence of our Heavenly Father. And here we are in a state of despair and mourning because the Pope could have died and he would finally fulfill his destiny and receive his just rewards. The Pontiff has survived two attempts on his life, suffers from a myriad health troubles, including Parkinson’s disease. He has had an astonishing reign, one of the longest in Papal history — perhaps the time has come for him to call it a day and pass the rights to lead the Catholic Church on to someone else so that he can live out the rest of his days in peace and tranquility. I read the following comment in a post made by a fellow blogger: I think the Pope will croak next. I hope they shoot him off into space in a capsule so he can race L. Ron Hubbard and Gene Roddenberry to Pluto. Does not exactly echo my sentiments, but funny nonetheless. 84 years old and no sex... now that is a good enough reason to croak!


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