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Tuesday, March 01, 2005 

Pet hate #37

Pet hate: Gits at the office who fancy themselves as experts on a subject they in fact know very little about. Usually the sudden bout of expertise is brought about by an article they have read, a TV program they have seen or someone (another git) they have spoken to… take your pick, there are many sources of information out there. They may not all be credible, but that is for the person to decide and to ensure. Now I have no problem when somone has an ass-burning desire to increase their knowledge or to have an opinion on a current event or something of interest. It is all good… knowledge is power, as they say. But for God’s sake people, if you are going to have an opinion or decide to air your views… please check your facts, take the time to do some research before taking the bold step to unleash your opinion on the rest of the world. You owe it to yourself and your audience to make sense and not to come across as a babbling friggin' idiot. Not only will this save you embarrassment, but it will also ensure that the rest of us, who have the unfortunate disposition of listening to you, can actually learn somethig as well.... other than dying of boredom and the intense desire to lobotomise ourselves with a hot poker. And when someone asks you a question on the subject of your newly acquired expertise, be mature enough to admit when you do NOT know the answer. Spewing forth garbled gibberish when you do to not have a clue what you are trying to say, will only strengthen the realization that you are indeed the village idiot! A very anticlimactic event! So let's stop getting friendly with one another for no reason and stop trying to impress me with a view or insight you stole from someone else. Can the chit-chat and the pseudo intellectual ramblings. If you have delusions of grandeur and fancy yourself to be intellectually superior, go on and impress those who are even more challenged than you are. I prefer to masturbate, rather than listening to your claptrap. Harumph....


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