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Thursday, March 24, 2005 


Well, I have about an hour to go and then it is off for the long weekend. At least it will signal the end of what can best be described as the “the working week from hell”. Why on earth I bothered to come to work is a mystery to me, but I seem to recall that my boss decided to take, as he so aptly put it… some time off, which left kiepie (me) to hold down the fort. As he is hardly ever here… I wonder how he came to the conclusion that it would be time off for him. Seeing as how Easter follows hot on the heels of another public holiday, Human Rights Day, it resulted in a 3-day working week. This meant that most of the people I work with and rely on to do my job are away on leave, taking full advantage of this wonderful opportunity to slack off. The other half, myself included, are barely able to do any work, simply because it becomes a futile exercise. So you hang around the office like a herd of cattle and make small talk, go home early and surf the Internet. Whhoopppeeee… ahem... about as thrilling as curling up in a foetal ball and slowly dying. So in closing I would really like to thank all those who made the holidays and short working week possible… spiritual connotation notwithstanding. Thank you, thank you… thank you! I truly appreciate these days of self induced semi-comatose “euphoria”. Well, the time has come for me to devour some chocolate eggs. Be back on Tuesday. Me... cranky? Don't be silly... Happy Easter!


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