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Tuesday, March 22, 2005 

Now you see me!

Well, I guess there are no surprises here! The video blog has arrived (well it has actually been around for a while), and like blogging, it has a really stupid name… it is called vidblogging (vlogging?). Yep, here is a chance to truly humiliate yourself (provided you have enough bandwith)… no more words, no more static pictures and no more bad audio. Record yourself with the help of a webcam, post it on your page and people can watch your "show." Behold the joys of self expression! Not so long ago it was a major “achievement” to own your own website… although getting it up and running and maintaining was kinda “expensive”. Then came blogging, a place where people could prattle mindlessly about anything and everything they want. An opportunity to have your say and say it for all the world to “hear”. Next we had the audio blog, others could actually hear what you sound like, even though they could not understand a single word you were saying… what with your funny accent and all. Haha… When you think about it, Vidblogging is the logical next step… and it was only a matter of time before the need to put more of ourselves out there overcame all rational thought. Now everyone can see what you look alike, critique your every flaw and focus on your looks instead of what you have to say or share with them. Screw the content and bring on the beautiful people! What is next? The tactile blog where you can actually touch someone else’s ass? However, back to the present… the vidblog. I wonder what it it will take to convince the Hilton sisters to start theirs.


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