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Wednesday, March 16, 2005 

Mid-week snippet

Well, whaddaya know?! Go ahead and bitch-slap me with a bunch of Hanepoot grapes! It seems all is not well in the fairest Cape, South Africa’s premier holiday destination. It may one of the most beautiful places in the world, laid back and people may flock in from all over to visit, but the Cape has the ‘highest rate of racism’ in the country. Cause for concern? I would hasten to say one can hardly reach a conclusion based on the number of cases reported. I also do not know what the significance might be other than that we too have racists living in South Africa, as everywhere else in the world. One has to ask how significant 140 reported cases are in the South African perspective or any in country for that matter. Experience has taught me that the unreported cases are what one really has to worry about. They usually outstrip those reported in number and severity. Perhaps the people of the Western Cape are merely better at reporting and taking perpetrators to task? I’d venture to say there may be more to this than mere reporting of the numbers. Some people may say 140 cases is 140 too many... well wake up and smell the coffee buddy boy… we do live in a real world after all! Perspective.... Another opinion...


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