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Thursday, March 10, 2005 

Celebrity is as celebrity does

You have got to love South African celebrities (and I use the term loosely). They may be stuck at the bottom of nowhere and the rest of the world may not even know they exist, but they sure now how to stir up on the local scene and create a scandal of their own. None is more apt at doing this than our very own Amore Vittone … hahaha… local pop diva and wannabe Britney Spears… haha… I actually referred to her as a pop diva! This woman seriuosly believes that South Africans are interested in her life, what she does, who she sees and where she goes on a daily basis. Hey, the Brits have Posh and Becks and we have Amore and... well... ahem... Joost. The two of them are seemingly set on assailing the South African population on as many fronts as possible. Anways, back to the topic at hand... The latest celebrity scandal… none another than the perky Patricia Lewis, our very own blond Barbie, who starred in a German soft porn movie! (think limp-dicked late night erotica on MNET and e!). Well, I never…! It is a German erotic flick called Dark Desires: The other side of the moon. It was made in South Africa for German television in 1996 (You have got to hand it to those Germans, man). Patricia admits to starring in the movie, but denies simulating sex, saying a body double was used for the sex and nude scenes. She does however admit to going topless and frolicking and kissing another woman. Apparently there is another well known South African actress in the movie, but she is not getting half the publicity Patricia is getting for this one. From a male perspective, I can only see good things coming from this… it will certainly take her “celeb” and pin-up status to new heights and she may even eclipse rival diva Amore. I think the South African public will be rather forgiving of her little “faux pas”, as well they should be. She got married recently and became a mother soon after. Now if that is not a solid gesture to all of us that she has cleaned up her act, then nothing else will do it for her. She will of course have to be content with the knowledge that now and future generations of South African teenage boys will masturbate to nude images of her on the dvd... yep… immortality achieved! (see images)


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