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Friday, March 04, 2005 

Friday 3'some

1. Hello and how are you? People who greet you by asking you how you are and then walk away before you can answer them. What am I fucking supposed to do? Run after you and tell you that I was having a good day until you greeted me… and now I am out of breath because I had to run after you? Perhaps I should just yell as you walk away? Next time you ask me a question only for the sake of asking it… stuff your bloody head in a blender and keep it running until you’ve mangled your face. Walk on by… asshole! 3. Technologically advanced? Renting a dvd from the video hire, coming home and finding that it either does not play or that it stops playing half-way through the movie. Driving all the way back to the video shop to find that there are; - no more copies available because you took the last one - f ind another copy and it does not work properly - take another title and it too does not work - left wondering for days how the movie ends Fuck dvd’s…. I am going retro and will rent video cassettes from now on! Cheaper too… 3. Trashy T-shirts Especially when worn by snotty young kids who have no idea how trashy the slogan really is… like "Amateur gynaegologyist... at your cervix" or "Wrinkled... for your pleasure". They walk around the mall, "assaulting" you with one-liners that will make an adult blush. Fuck off you little pimple-faced melonhead… Go home and masturbate and shove your T-shirt down the throats of your trailer trash parents... trash appreciates trash!


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