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Wednesday, March 02, 2005 

Me against the world?

Truly good friends are hard to come by and friends who are willing and brave enough to talk to you about things that bother them, are even rarer. A very good friend of mine asked me on the weekend why I am so angry at the world. He wanted to know what had happened to the laid-back level headed person that he knows me to be. I was sort of taken aback by his comment - I have never thought of myself as an angry person, nor as a person who has unresolved issues for that matter. Actually, I am fairly happy and content. For all practical purposes I am exactly where I want to be, both personally and professionally, and whom I want to be with. Sure there are things that irk me and there are a few things I would like to change, but on the whole I consider myself privileged and fortunate. He based his comment on a recent event and said it make me seem like a very angry person. On the one hand I resent being watched that closely, while on the other hand, I appreciate that others care enough to be concerned about my well-being. If I have to be honest with myself, I have to admit that I can sometimes be fairly emotional. I am a little high-stung and some times react to situations rather than to the issues at hand. I resent it when I'm wronged and I'm protective of those I care for. I do not suffer fools gladly and I have been known to be opinionated and defend my beliefs strongly. Reflection is good for the soul, I maintain, and so I shall reflect on recent events in my life and how they may have affected my behaviours and who I have become. Rid myself of the anger, in manner of speaking…


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