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Wednesday, March 02, 2005 

Oh yeah.... spank me baby!!!

Young Designers Emporium's new advertising campaign, which features an Internet game where points are scored by the number of times a woman is spanked and bruised, has caused outrage among women's right groups in South Africa. Says Nicro spokes woman, Cindy Celliers; "For a shop that young women and men look up to, to be sending a message that it's okay to beat a woman and to make it glamorous, is wrong." Paul Simon, YDE managing director, said the campaign featured both a man and a woman being spanked but the picture of the woman was chosen for the Internet because it was the "better shot". It is meant to be fun and irreverent." Read article here Strangly, NO ONE, not even Cindy Celliers, objected to the spanking of the guy! I betcha she gave her own "cyber paddle" a good workout on his tight little ass... raunchy Mama!


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