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Wednesday, March 09, 2005 

Wine me, dine me...

Last Friday night we went to the movies. Haha… I wanted to watch Constantine... but soon realised that was not going to happen, even if I did a back-flip and did a “handstand“ on my penis. We eventually settled on Hitch, starring the inimitable Will Smith. I am not a particular fan of this genre, but I was pleasantly surprised and have to admit that I quite enjoyed watching the movie. Of course Will’s antics and smoothness made me seem like a complete moron when it comes to romance. I was nudged in the ribs many times during the film, as if to say; “ take note you zero in the romance department, these are the kind of things you have to do for me henceforth”. For those of you who have not seen it, here’s some background - it's about a dating guru (Will Smith) who works with clients, mostly inept men, to help them get over their awkwardness with woman and get them to and beyond the first date. He helps them to say the right things, make the right moves and get the girl to see beyond the obvious flaws and shortcomings. The smoothness and the level at which he operates is an inspiration... something well worth seeing. Of course most guys aren’t as smooth and in tune with women as Will’s character and it kinda highlights all of your many shortcomings… perhaps that is a good enough reason why I reckon married/guys with girlfriends should NOT go and see this movie with the partner. So, be warned and do so at your own peril! Ha… just kidding of course, but admittedly he makes ordinary guys (meaning mostly me) look really bad and if it wasn’t for my girl’s fantastic sense of humour… well need I say more. I have about as much finesse when it comes to romance as a lumberjack has when cutting down a tree. That is, I am insensitive, brutal, clumsy and a big oaf. I remember our fist couple of dates… I had to get pointers from my sister on what to do and what not to do. Thankfully we have moved beyond the awkward initial phase and are now much more in tune with one another. She knows me for who I am and understands that my lack of romantic gestures is not through lack of trying… I honestly have no inkling of what a guy is supposed to do.


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