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Tuesday, March 15, 2005 

Read all about it... Britney has the cure for Jacko's woes!!

Britney Spears, God bless her heart (sniff), believes that she has just the cure for Michael Jackson's woes. The 23-year-old popstar suggested that Jackson, who is on trial for sexual abuse, should grow some facial hair, get drunk and have a punch-up. (Read article) Well, there you have it folks... I dunno about you... but I am bloody speechless! As for Michael's reaction to Britney's advice... I have heard that he is now even whiter than he was. I wonder if she has any words of advice for our very own, mampara, Shabir Shaik? While on the subject of cures... here is a "must-buy" for men from all over the world! This is Dr Samual Carter's Cure for an Uncontrolled TV Soap Addict who is obsessed with following every word in all of the family sagas! I bought a case of 24 - for each of my 24 ex's (one good "doos" deserves another or is that one good turn?)... and besides you get a discount when you buy in bulk. Totally wicked!


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