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Sunday, March 13, 2005 

Get by with a little help?

I reckon celebrities should be declared an endangered species. Not because there are so few of them, but because the world and all of its citizens reserve the right declare open season on your celebrity ass for whatever possible reasons. One only has to read the newspapers and the tabloids… not matter where you turn… celebs are constantly being criticized, scrutinized, crucified, accused and taken to ask. The latest American celeb to come under public scrutiny… Bill Cosby! Yep, TV’s goody-two-shoes funny Dad allegedly drugged a woman and tried to fondle her. Now I am not in a position to decide whether these allegations are true of false, but what I do know is that these allegations starkly contradict the image he projects and the one I have of him. He has, over the years, built a solid career as a narrator of family friendly comedy… based solely on his own experiences growing up and how he sees black America. It is sad and painful to see his authority compromised by the allegations, yet I am reminded that we are all morally fallible, even Bill Cosby. Now, incapacitating a person in order to take advantage of them when you know they are dead-set against it, is NOT something I am in favour of. But in thinking about it briefly, hehehe, I believe men have been doing what Bill is accused of for centuries. Perhaps not quite on the same scale as said incident and perhaps there is some form of prior consent, but we’ve been buying woman drinks for years in the hopes of getting laid. And in fact women have made us believe that, on some level, it is ok to do so. Throw in a bag of weed, a few recreational drugs, and you can pretty much consider yourself laid. Gonna get me a little something something tonight! A box of chocolates, dinner, a movie, and flowers may be the civilized and gentlemanly way of going about it, but liquor is just so much faster.


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