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Tuesday, March 29, 2005 

I plead guilty

Aahh... I return to work after completing my merciless killing spree… killing and devouring chocolate bunnies and chicks that is. And what a massacre it was as my fellow human beings and I embarked on a rampage only rivaled by the carnage on our national roads. I may be a cold-blooded killer, but I am a remorseful one. I feel remorse, if only for a moment, at decapitating and dismembering each and every one of my innocent confectionary friends. They never had a chance to defend themselves. Barely a peep escaped the beaks of the little chicks as I hastily removed the ornate wrapping from their bodies. What a monster I became as I served justice on them for being cute and sweet and squishy and tasty. But oh the blessed fulfillment… the unsurpassed joy of the sugar induced high one gets from licking them and popping their mutilated bodies into one’s salivating mouth! Why am I not made of stronger stuff? Not a task for the skittish and faint of heart… this cursed event comes around but once a year. Hopefully they will have found a cure before the next one comes or I am doomed to repeat the madness.


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