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Tuesday, October 18, 2005 

Triple vignette (not quite)

  • Uno. Back from the Cape and for the first time in all the years since moved to Johannesburg, I felt a little sad about coming home. There can only be two reasons for this; 1. I am getting older and this freaky nostalgic streak that has played havoc with me for the past 2/3 week has not run its course, or 2. The nostalgia trip is over and my alter ego, the chitster had such a party down in Cape Town, he did not want to return home… ever! I have come to realise that I am a bit of a whore and that I like living in excess. Well, I am not a whore in true sense of the word, but I think you get what I am aiming at. Hehehe… even I have morals and there are some things I just would not do. It is astonishing how free-spirited and easy one becomes when one is away from the things that normally ground you, such as family, gf, work etc. And that is exactly what happened when I met up with friends and acquaintances from my not-so-tame past. I slipped into my Cape Town skin in no time at all. We really had a lot of fun and I felt a bit like a tourist with ppl taking me around to “show’ me the city. Funny actually! Anyway, the trip was a big success business-wise as well. I have signed the papers, negotiated the perks and salary and will leave the company at the end of this month. I start my new job on the 1st of December. I guess it truly is a case of all's well that ends well.
  • Dos. Yesterday evening, I got pinched on the butt by an old woman at the supermarket. Yeah, my sex appeal is at an all time low! I needed some provisions, so I stopped at the friendly neighborhood Spar on the way home. In the breakfast aisle, just as I reached up to take my favourite cereal from the top shelve, someone pinched my butt. I looked around and there was no-one around, save an old woman of about 70(?) years old, complete with blue rinse and a cane. Assuming that it could only be her, I told her in my very best school boy English, “You really shouldn’t be going around supermarkets pinching people’s butts” To which she replied, “lighten up, kiddo. I am 75 years old. There are very few things I can do at my age, which would not involve breaking a hip or ending up in traction. And pinching your butt is one of them” I had no reply and all I could do was shake me head and smile at her. It felt dirty and almost sexy at the same time… yikes! I wanted to say that I would be more than willing to slide into shackles and cover myself in dark chocolate the next time I see her. Somehow I don’t think that comment would have been well received.
  • Tress. Ok… I know this one is a little old, but since I was in Cape Town last week, I did not get time to blog my feelings on this. So here goes… (Warning: If you have not seen the movie Layer Cake, you may want to stop here and move on to the next blog). DANIEL CRAIG How do they justify choosing him as the new James Bond and more importantly, why the fuck do I actually care? (Shrug) It is one of those unsolved mysteries that ranks right up there with the re-election of Dub’ya and why Charles cheated on Diana with Camilla. I, like many people around the world, asked the question, “What the fuck is up with that”, when the announcement was made. Claim to fame: He is the guy who banged Jude Law’s obscenely gorgeous wife, Sienna Miller. Yet another unsolved mystery to add to his resume. Of course Jude was also short-listed for the role of 007, so in actual fact Daniel screwed him over TWICE. Nicely done! His movie career: I honestly only remember seeing him act in 2 movies; Tomb Raider and Layer Cake. Tomb Raider to me was all about Angelina Jolie so Daniel’s role in the movie is kind of a blurry to me. Which brings me to Layer Cake (without the cream filling). If you did a 180 degree about turn and mouthed the phrase “wtf” while doing so, well then I have illustrated my point. Absolutely, in my humblest bloody opinion, one of the worst drug films ever made. Ok… perhaps Daniel's acting in the film is NOT the worst I’ve seen, but why is his charater in the movie called XXXX? The scene where they shoot him in the chest… thoroughly enjoyed it. Shows you how much I like the guy. I reckon we will have to wait for Casino Royale to pass proper judgment. Is he even remotely good-looking? I leave that up to the ladies to decide.


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