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Friday, April 08, 2005 

Take the plunge

sbrina Originally uploaded by kylinho.

Some may find the event amusing, and others sexist, but today has been declared National Cleavage Day in South Africa. Since 2002, a day in April has been set aside as a day for women to celebrate their cleavage. Whoopeee! Do I hear a halleluja? Wonderbra, the sponsors and driving force behind this event, has surprisingly very little to say about the day on their website. I wonder why? As an adult male, I have a lot of female friends which can be more of a curse than a blessing. I have seen my fair share of breasts and I am as fascinated by them today as when I first became aware of them. To me they epitomize the essence of femininity. But it seems not all women are completely happy with their busts and it would seem that some women are downright insecure about theirs. They're too small, or they're too big, or they're too lopsided, uneven, etc. From what I can see breasts are to women as penis size is to men. Except we don't talk about it to other guys... ever. So in celebrating National Cleavage Day… here is an ode to women’s breasts – sadly not written by me, but I agree wholeheartedly.

God's most perfect creations! Elegant expressions of everlasting love. Women's breasts. Beautiful bottles of liquid life, Proudly protruding into prominence, Attracting attention to these mammae with nourishing milk. Now feeding externally the new life created and initially nourished within. The story, old and precious as Life itself. Apart from their undeniable, essential and sacred utilitarian functions, Are not women's breasts also works of art? Are they indeed not the epitome of Great Art? Do they not attract, entice and stimulate both genders and all ages in all Ages? The feelings evoked; the longings unleashed; the yearnings induced; the awe inspired. All shapes, shades, sizes and swings -- all so delightful and delicious! Surprising, or perhaps expected, given a good, generous and perhaps female God? There are those many median, mean, middle and modal mammae, So common and so familiar -- yet so comely, ever inviting and always fascinating. Statistically speaking, let us say, two sigma on each side of the normal distribution. Theologically speaking, what God made most of surely must be a very good thing. There are those major mammae, those magnificent proud mountains, Inviting eager exploration by tongue and hand up gentle slopes toward sensitive peaks, Promising sublime satisfaction for the intrepid explorer. Mountain and climber equally ecstatic, Becoming, at the outer edges of existential pleasure. There are those exquisite, modest, delicate breasts, where so little says so much. Subtle whispers and sophisticated hints, Contoured curves conveying immediate intellectual implications. Skillfully sculpted sensuality, Suggesting full-bodied female sexuality.

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