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Monday, April 04, 2005 

All said and done

I am usually not one for jumping onto the bandwagon (at least I hope that I am not) and for stating the obvious… but I guess the death of Pope John Paul II is without a doubt the BIG news of the moment. I am not a Catholic, but I am sad the old guy passed on and I sympathize with the Catholics of the world. Peace be with him. I have to wonder though… now that the Pope is gone and until his successor is appointed, who is in charge of the Catholic Church? A Catholic friend of mine indicated that the Cardinals may be the caretakers of the church until a new pope is elected. At the risk of being disrespectful… but the reference to the cardinals had me giggling to myself. The Cardinals? The name cardinals makes one think of a soccer or a baseball or a hockey team doesn’t it? I had no idea they played sports in the Vatican! Isn’t it also amazing the amount of news coverage we have had over the past weekend, and prior to that, on the Pope and his condition? The networks literally interviewed every Catholic and their uncle in their marathon multi-channel deathwatch. Not even the non-Catholics were spared the “opportunity” of having something to say. What a bloody frenzy! All of them circling around like African vultures… just waiting for the old guy to kick the bucket. I had hoped that he would live for at least another week or two. Can you imagine how tired and exhausted the reporters and their new crews’ would have been, had he lived longer? Now that would be divine justice! His passing may even have gone unnoticed by the media.


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