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Tuesday, April 05, 2005 

I am socially inept and in need of a crutch

If there is anything I hate more than people who drink excessively, it would be the so-called social drinkers. You know… that group of people who claim no to consume any alcohol except on a social occasion. Can I get you anything to drink? “Yeah, a glass of white wine for me please… I only drink socially” (Yeah right... I never assumed you weren't) And then they proceed to drink one glass after another and end up more wasted than you are. Please get me out of this nightmare! These people are too bloody insecure to socialize and mix with other people unless they have downed a glass or two or have a glass of wine in their hands. Try some water… they come in so many varieties these days... still, sparkling… subtly flavoured litchi, mango and who knows what else… so why not have one of these? How about a glass of coke? I have a theory about social drinkers… They have a guilt complex when it comes to alcohol. See, they grew up in a home or a society where drinking an alcoholic beverage was not deemed acceptable and they have developed a guilt complex when it comes to drinking. They see alcohol as an evil and cannot admit to themselves that they actually like it. So they make up excuses or label themselves as social drinkers and blame their weakness on the occasion. Well, you keep telling yourself that the next time you wake up with a hangover or when you are too incapacitated too drive your own car. The other pet hate - The social smoker. What on earth is a social smoker? Just like the social drinker they claim that smoking is a part of their “social persona”. These guys bum cigarettes off you all night long, because they do not have decency to buy a packet of their own. Besides, why should they spend money, they don't really smoke, they are only trying to be social. "Look at me... I am a social smoker and I look so cool with someone else's cigarette between my fingers" Why anyone who is not an addicted to nicotine would voluntary choose to blacken their lungs to be more socially acceptable is beyond me… but then again I am not blessed with much intelligence. Sigh... the games people play.


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