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Wednesday, April 06, 2005 

Balance the books

It is truly remarkable the things we are taught to believe in as children and still believe in as adults. Being skeptical and growing up in a modern society, I consider my self educated and enlightened, yet certain things make me squirm and uneasy by their uncanny inability to follow the set laws of nature. Take the old adage of Bad Things Come in Threes. Superstition… and my dear old grandmother say that this is the way things are and once the wheels are set in motion you simple have to ride it out. Nothing to do but sit back and wait as bad things pile up on your doorstep. Now I don’t like it when my life spirals out of control, especially when I am on the receiving end. I want to be in charge or at least have some degree of say in how it is being run. I do not believe in superstition or fate, but I am willing to admit that some things may defy logical explanation and rational thought. Take the following for example. Your house is broken in to, the neighbour’s wife crashes her car into your wall and the satellite dish is struck by lightening. One, two three… crisis over and you can get back to your normal life. Incidentally the three events actually happened… last week… in that order. A mere coincidence, I would like to believe… not so my grandmother would have said. Even so it does not take away the pain and agony I have to go through a result of this. If bad things absolutely have come in threes, then just for once I would like things to work in reverse. I want good things to come in threes as well. I could do with a bit of good luck… you know… and overseas trip, that dream job, win the lotto or perhaps just good health, happiness and no more debt or three successful business deals . Three good things… one after the other… while I sit back and watch them happen to me. Come to think of it… the concept is not that outrageous and farfetched. After all, we are also taught the universe demands balance and that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. So with the all bad things that has happened… I should be in for a streak of good luck. So come on already… whoever’s in charge of keeping score and balancing the books… gimme some of that! In the News:

  • Prince Rainier of Monaco Dies (one... two... nah, forget it)
  • Daniel Craig new 007?
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