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Monday, April 25, 2005 

Wasting away

Damn… did I waste away this weekend! I started out wanting to do something new, something fun and exciting other than going to the movies and hanging out with the friends. I ended up doing sweet all…. well nothing that can be regarded as significant. Aahh… perhaps that is not entirely true as I did try and cook something “new” Saturday on afternoon. Yeah … I know… not terribly exciting. I am not exactly hopeless when it comes to cooking, even though I have yet to find a cookbook I can understand and make sense of. And believe me I have tried. I either do not understand the measurements or the cooking terms, but my attempts at doing anything creative in the kitchen always end up in the bin or in the dogs’ bowl. So it is Saturday afternoon and I am listening to my cd’s and god-knows-what on the radio and drinking red wine. The weather is kind of strange, somewhere between overcast and sunny/warm and cold and I decide this is perfect for me to try my hand at making a casserole (or as they say in Afrikaans… a bredie). You know meat, vegetables, and spices, gravy… fairly easy to do... or so I thought. I think the friggin red wine kinda made me do it, because usually on a Saturday afternoon the gf and I go out, find a good restaurant and have something to eat. The long and the short is I totally screw it up… burnt meat and vegetables floating in a gravy that looks like the Orange River in full flood. I felt like a complete dick… and I had the bruised ego to with it. The gf tried to console me by saying nice things, which of course made it worse, ‘cos now I am starting to pity myself when all she really wanted to do is to burst out laughing. I managed to laugh about it about an hour later, courtesy of more red wine. After all, it was only a meal, so why should I care. Just to be safe, I think I will stay out of the kitchen for the entire winter. Jissum... blogging about this made me realise just how boring my weekend really was. And if my last two posts are anything to go by, I am an accident waiting to happen. To make up for my lack of skils… here’s a cool link; Start a fire with a coke can and a chocolate bar. Now this is something I can do. Source: BoingBoing


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