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Monday, May 09, 2005 

The downward spiral

My best friend’s girlfriend is my girl friend’s best friend. It is one of those weird things… boy meets girl… and girl introduces her best friend to boy’s best friend and before you know it… they are a couple too. (Yes, I know... it is so "sweet" it makes you want to barf... hehe). Now, on the surface this may sound pretty cool, but how much time should you spend together before it is considered to be enough? I am a little freaked by the symbiotic(?) foursome routine we have going on – the gf on the other hand thinks it is good. I quietly resend the amount of time we all spend together. I would like to spend more time be alone with the gf or even get to spend time with my best friend... I need freedom... I need to break away from the group... meet new people… push my limits of my existence. I am afraid that unless we make some changes soon and break out of this prison we have built around ourselves, we will suffocate one another and the relationships, and perhaps the friendships, are doomed to fail. What is a guy to do....!


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