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Friday, May 06, 2005 

The good son

My sis just called and invited me to lunch on Sunday – it being Muvvers Day... an' all. (My reaction - "Oh yes... Oh boy... Oh no!!!") Do I appreciate how Mothers Day has turned into one humungous commercial exploitation of sons and daughters the world over? EMPHATICALLY NOT - but then let me be the first to admit I do not show my mom nearly enough how much I love and care about her, nor do I give her half the credit I know she deserves. So from that perspective, I appreciate a day being put aside as it allows knobbits like me to do the right thing. It allows me to stand still and take time out from my programmed, self-gratifying(?) life and pay attention to a remarkable person. This day, regardless of the modern-day commercialism that has evolved around it, is an opportunity for ill-tempered sons like me to step into the limelight and make a special effort for a special person. My earliest memory of me mom is when I was about 3 years old (I called her mommy back then... hehehe). Every morning I would sneak into my parents' bedroom and hide under the tousled covers on their bed before she made it up. She would pretend not to see me (but as we all know muvvers have x-ray eyes and nothing ever escapes them). I would jump out from under the covers and scare the hell out of her... or at least that is what I thought I did. Sometimes I would become entangled in the sheets and not make it out from under the covers and she would have to help me out. Nevertheless, I would squeal with laughter and my mother would fake near-death surprise. Then she would pick me up and pretend to be angry at me and tickle me until I begged for her to stop. Yep, I was pretty lame when I was 3 years old and... I still am. Of course now I hide under the covers and "scare" my gf… but that is a different exercise altogether. (Ouch, ouch, ouch - I cannot believe that I just made the leap from a childhood memory to a bedroom antic.) Anyway… so being the formidable last-minute shopper I am, I will have to get to the mall tomorrow and find something I know she will like. Flowers, perhaps gooi (throw) in a box of chocolates? Dunno yet… I’ll let the spirits guide me.


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