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Friday, September 16, 2005 

Send in the clowns

Yesterday’s team activity was a riot (it truly was) and I had fun. A bunch of overworked, unfit and exercise deprived adults competing on a mini-obstacle course. By no means a pretty sight! Jumping through hoops, climbing ropes, climbing trees, carrying logs, traversing the river and lots of running. As few ppl actually fell into the river. It seemed like fun, so I jumped in too. Just slap me on the side if my head and call me lemming! Hell, what is a bush experience worth if you have not experienced the bush? I have not been this active since I left high school and I loved it. Working out at the gym is nothing compared to this. Anyway, my… make that, our team won. It may not mean much, but being on a losing team sucks… period… no matter the activity. Oh, the boss tripped and fell, banged his head on tree stump and now he is wearing a “mummy” bandana. No serious injury, but he has a nasty cut above the eye. It dampened the enthusiasm somewhat, although I suspect a few people were thoroughly delighted with the outcome. Hehehe... We went on a game drive at dusk to see if we could catch a glimpse of the Big Five. I can’t say I was too thrilled about the idea. One could hardly see the animals in the fading light and most of them ran away and hid when they heard the 4x4 approaching. As a consolation, they provided us wih plenty of drinks on the drive, so we were all in a good mood by the end of it. Only one of the Big Five, a leopard, was sighted... much to the delight of the crew and we proceeded to celebrate the sighting with lots of pomp and cheer. Which could explain why all the other animals went into hiding. The airline crew left yesterday at lunch time. There were a lot of sad(?) good-byes and promises to stay in touch. As they were boarding, the girl from the bar walked up to me and said, “So WHEN am I going to get that kiss?” I said, “How about now?”, and then I moved in, pulled her close and kissed her. I reckon I owed her one. Hell, I owed myself one ! I think I am in the clear. And whoever wants to crucify me with a lecture on honesty, trust and fidelity, call me a skank for now, then invite me around for drinks and let’s have a debate. There were applause and "oohs" from her mates, so I assume they were in on it. It was nice though and given different circumstances… uh yeah… lets not dwell on that one. People were a lot quieter last night than on Wednesday. We had outdoor bush braai/spit. I swear they gave us warthog to eat, but I have no way of proving it. The temperature was a bit nippy, so we had to wear warm clothes. We ended up in the bar… AGAIN! What else is there to do in the middle of nowhere? Even the animals know to gather around the waterhole, so why shouldn’t we do the same. The boss and I had a talk about my future. [ Bang Bang... you're dead!] He asked me again to stay on. I wasn’t actually prepared for this conversation nor did I want to have it, so I asked that we continue it on Monday at the office. I promised to give it some thought. I actually realised that I am ok with what I know about him… his secret, that is. This is prolly the reason why I have not told anybody. It has little to do with restraint… I don’t give a continental x-y-z, if you know what I mean. The initial shock aside, it is just NOT that important to me. Who cares who he’s screwing and for what reasons? I have enough of my own shit to deal with. I don’t need to carry someone else’s crap on my shoulders. A bunch of us ended up in the hot tub/Jacuzzi last night. I wore dark glasses and did not see a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g... haha. It is strange the sides of people’s personalities you get to see when they are away from home and out of their “office” skins. I am not sure I that I am overly comfortable with “seeing” the other sides of my colleagues. At some point it just freaks me out and there are some things I am better off not knowing at all. [Shiver] "So enough with the character “strip-tease”, Boomer… it ain’t a pretty sight anymore!! Let’s draw the line in the sand and agree that you looked much better when you had the mask on." (Incidentally, I discovered they have a small “business centre” and I spent an hour catching up with the outside world. Lame... I know. I need to know when to pull the plug on technology) The team breakaway ends today at 4 pm and then it is back to reality. We have a two-hour paintball session lined up – I hope they give me the paintball equivalent of an AK47. Couldn't find the napalm, so paint will have to do. There's a BIG celebration on this weekend. The gf has her birthday on Sunday. Yep, we are both Virgos! I'm planning a party (or a disaster?) and have a lot of last-minute things to finish off before then. Adios, see you on the flip-side of the weekend!


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