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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

And the winner is...!

What if your financials for this project is based on the wrong assumptions? This is the question that set off an entire debate this morning. (Gimme one large spool of 3/4" solid braid nylon rope to go, please?) Now on the surface this sounds like a right reasonable question to ask and kudos to the guy who brought it up. When one is about to invest a substantial amount of money in a project, one would like to have some guarantee that the money will be well spent and that the project is a winner. It makes good business sense. It is however not a good question to ask when I had just spend 40 minutes going over the pros and cons of various project scenarios and presented you with a substantial amount of facts and data that clearly support my approach to the project. Don’t you just hate it when this happens? It makes you look stupid. It also turns a one hour presentation into a two hour meeting with us rehashing the same old shit… over and over. Where have you been you dope-smokin' moron? Have you been fondling yourself underneath the table? I have a “what if” for you. What if I were to come over there and stick my foot up your ass? The questions you should be asking yourself is: Does anyone really care what I think and where can I get clean underwear? I hate you George! You drive like a girl and your mother dresses you funny. I'll wait for you in the parking lot when school.... I mean work... comes out.


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