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Thursday, August 18, 2005 

Just call me Nosy Parker

I am caught like the proverbial deer in the headlights. I overheard something today that I was not meant to hear. I was in the wrong(right?) place at the wrong(right?) time, well that is how I see it. Shhh... is that singing I hear? (I know a secret... na-na-ne-na-na...) It was one of those moments when you wish you can puncture your eardrums with a sharp pointy object and go deaf. But as it happens when you drive past a gory accident scene, your simply stand there and listen… to every bloody word! Fuggit…fuggit.. fuggit, now I share something with two of my co-workers and I don’t even like them. My newly acquired knowledge is nothing more than juicy gossip and therein lies the problem. Do I remain silent or to pass the scandalous tidbit on to someone else? I don’t like keeping secrets. Keeping a secret is akin to lying and keeping this little secret pisses me off. I did not ask to be let in on it, dammit. I want to keep quiet, but when I decided on that course of action, I was unaware just how much of a burden it would be on me. The friggin secret has taken on a life of its own. It is burning a hole in my brain and it is the only thing I think about. It has a voice and begs me to pass it on, to set it free and to share it someone else. It wants us to become a threesome or a foursome or a whatever-some. It is not even all that juicy, but my mind has tricked me into believing that it is. Men aren’t made to keep secrets and I am no different in that respect. Men share and mention things in passing or brag to their buddies of what they did and what they now. We don’t even consider it gossip; it is just something that has come to our attention. Men do not realise the value of gossip and secrets as much as women do. We do not know how to trade in the currency of gossip. A woman would treasure information like this and dish it up for maximum mileage when the time is right. My conscience refuses to let me speak. It bombards me with moral anecdotes about doing the right thing and it wills me into silence. Ever noticed how loudly silence speaks when you don't want to heed it? I cannot stand it anymore. I am telling, because if I dont, I think I’d split in two. I need peace of mind and screw the two people concerned. I also ran out of rope so hanging is out of the question. The office bimbo would be a good starting point... oh yeah. Now excuse me, while I pursue my new career as tattle-tale.


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