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Thursday, August 11, 2005 

Back down to earth

I had just come back from having a long lunch with 4 of my colleagues at a restaurant. It must have been one helluva lunch (sans alcohol) because I walked into a glass door on my way out. I don’t know what is more humiliating walking into the door or having to pretend that it was nothing, when your forehead is throbbing and your knee feels like it has just been crushed by Thor’s hammer. Thank God, I had managed to stay upright. There is no dignified manner in which deal with these situations, is there?. You fall down or walk into a door, you are pretty much an ass and people will laugh no matter how concerned they are for your welfare. Come on, I would have laughed if it had been someone else or had it not not been for the bump to my knee and my forehead. The walk of shame – yep, there is no other way of looking at it. One cannot skulk away unnoticed. Everyone saw you… the collective gasp and the silence that follows is a dead give-away. My first thought was to blame the restaurant. I wanted to pick up the nearest heavy object and throw it at the glass door. I wanted revenge, but I could hear the suppressed laughter and snickering coming from my captive audience. So I played along and smiled back at them while I rubbed my forehead. Bastards… each and every one of them!! Strangely enough, I have no recollection of anything that transpired prior to making contact with the door. I guess the knock to my forehead knocked every single memorythought out of my head. Hahaha… I may be suffering from temporary amnesia. Back at the office I quickly took stock of my injuries. Nothing broken and no blood was shed, but I will sport a nice little bruise on me forehead for the next few days. Call it my battle scar. Suddenly the hilarity of the whole situation hit me. I started to laugh uncontrollably. Tears were rolling! Perhaps it is relief at escaping injury or the looks on my colleagues’ faces as they tried to contain their laughter. Either way, it did me a world of good. Screw pride, dignity and self respect! There are only so many people who can claim that they have walked into a glass door and survived and apparently I am one of them. (Come on, people... work with me here, ok?). I have a feeling that walking into objects is something I may have done regularly in the past… damned if I can remember when.


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