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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

Quickie update

Wednesday morning and I am in a very good mood… despite the fact that my life, for now, seems to have spiraled out of control. It has been a hectic week thus far and will continue to be for the next few days at least. The team building getaway starts today. The majority of the participants left this morning at 7 am. They looked like a bunch of school children going on an educational tour... hehehe. Pity I couldn’t be with them. I know a great drinking game that one can play on a bus. I am only leaving at 12 noon, because I have a few last-minute things to tie up, such as finishing those research reports that I’ve been bitching about in previous posts. Serves me right for procrastinating when I had the time. The getaway is at a private Big Five Game Reserve in the Limpopo province. Every one is very excited and as much as I try not to, the enthusiasm is contagious and admittedly I am looking forward to it too. I just hope I do not end up as dinner to a pack of lions. I been told that the lodge is hooked up, so when I get the time I may blog from there and fill you in on all the scandalous details. And I know there will be plenty of that around! I am also taking me bag of party favours with me... need I say more! The birthday was last week. The dreaded family dinner did not disappoint. It was a whopper! I swear my family dropped a few new ones on me this year, just to make it more interesting than it usually is. The weekend party was an absolute blast. I think I’ll settle for turning 30 every year from now on. We had great weather this weekend… 28 degrees C on Saturday. It kinda feels like we went straight from winter to summer. Last I heard spring is still hitchhiking her way across the Serengeti. I had my first outdoor swim this weekend too… pseudo bravado brought on by a childish dare, the party and the omni-present Absolut. The water was cold... really cold… my body parts (some more than others) rebelled against the cold water with such intensity they wanted to cannibalise thrmselves in order to get warmer. An invigorating experience, but oh so very very stupid. One of these days I am going to act more responsibly, I promise. I will blog some more when things have calmed down. Right now I have to find 15 PVC A4 folders, A4 Indexing cards and tinted frosted sheets. Hold me back, the excitement is killing me!


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