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Monday, January 23, 2006 

Where's my parachute?

In every profession there is a small group of people who regard themselves as being the best at what they do. Not only do they regard themselves as being the best, they firmly believe that if they weren’t able to make something work, then no one else will. Are they however satisfied with knowing this about themselves? No, they have to rub your nose in it, just in case there is small chance that you may have overlooked this minor detail. Been there, done that and did a bloody good job of it too, that is their motto. To illustrate their point, they will inundate you with quaint anecdotes of how and why it did not work out before. What they are really saying is that they do not believe that you could pull it off. The tone and manner in which they speak to you takes care of any doubts you may have had. Just short of rejecting your idea outright, they will always end off with a smug, “Please don’t let me stop you from having a go at it. Perhaps there is something we overlooked and perhaps you could make it work for you”. How’s that for encouragement and for being supportive?! Disdain dressed up as compassion. I came across someone like that today. I put forward what I thought was a brilliant concept (aren't they always?) to bring in new business for the company. I presented my concepts to a person whom I thought could give me some perspective. What I got instead was a half an hour history lesson on how it has been tried before. I came away from this encounter feeling battered and bruised and a lot less tall than when I went in. I haven’t given up on my idea, yet, but the enthusiasm to push forward with it has taken a considerable nose-dive. Having had an hour to reflect on what has been said; I am going back to the drawing board and iron out a few kinks in my plan. I still believe it can be done. All that is needed is a fresh approach, a creative sales/marketing strategy and an insight into what makes the target group tick. Screw the old coot! I have to try this for myself. If don’t, I am never going to be able to look at myself in the mirror. And I so like looking at myself, especially first thing in the morning when I look at my absolute worst, with the knowledge that my day can only get better from that point onwards. The chitster bounces back! Even when there is a really good chance he may end up at the bottom of a huge pile of smelly dung.

don't tell me you're letting some regretful old coot get you down?!

everything is impossible until you get off your ass and do it - and it's unbelievable how many people fear the success of others where they've failed.
so much for the collective good.

Miserable old git trying to slap you down.

Doesn't this individual remember that he once was in your position?

People like that drive me bonkers, and I've encounted a couple like that so far in my career.

If you don't try, you'll never know and thats not the way to go (within reason).

Stick with it, it'll boost your superpowers after the bee incident! ;-)

Give 'em hell!!!

If you know you're idea is viable, under no circumstances are you to let it go, ya here me?!!!!!!!

Just be on the lookout for a similar concept issuing forth from the office of the old git who trampled all over it.

Management have a knack for doing that sort of thing.

All: Thanks to each one of you for the input guys.
I have made a few changes and will pitch it again this later this morning. It looks good, even if I say so myself.

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