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Friday, April 28, 2006 

The Friday cutie

“So, how did it go?” I ask, enthusiastically, as we drove home. “I don’t know”, he said, “she seemed to have a good time, but she did not say much. I kinda felt that perhaps she wanted it to be over as fast as possible” “Well, perhaps she was just nervous. Give her a call tomorrow. I am sure she had a good time. I really think she likes you” On Thursday night the nephew took a girl out on his very first date. I had agreed to drive him and his date, as he is only 14 and not able to drive yet. He also insisted that I take him and not his mother. As he so aptly put it when he asked me, “Mom will blow this whole thing out of proportion and embarrass me in the process. It is more than I can handle for now” I guess he was right, because I got a lecture from her, on the do’s and don’ts, as if I was the one going on the date. I was somewhat bemused her reaction, although it is perfectly understandable, I guess. A parent only wants the best for their child and I knew that she was only looking out for him. "Then I guess I'd better not slip him the pack of condoms I bought on my way over here?" The lack of colour in her face said it all. When I asked him what he had planned, he said… “We are going to get something to eat and then go to a movie”, which given their age, is prolly a good choice… safe and uncomplicated. The choice of what to do can be particularly tough, because you are trying to make a good first impression and you may or may not know what your partner likes to do. Keeping it simple, is a good move. When asked if he is going to get her some flowers. I was told, “That is so retro… where have you been the last couple of years?” Apparently, I have been living in a time-bubble…. and the dial was permanently set to the 90’s! My attempts at getting a conversation started in the car were not really appreciated and I got the distinct feeling that they preferred that I shut up and drive. So I did just that. The journey home, a few hours later, was a bit more pleasant and the two of them talked, albeit in somewhat muted tones. We had a bit of a situation when we got to her house. He got out, opened the door for her, said good-night and got back into the car. ME (as he got in): What are you doing?” HE: Huh? ME: Get out of the car and walk her to the door, you moron! HE: But uncle [K], I already said good-bye to her. ME: I don’t care… walk her to the door, dammit. It is what a good date does. Trust me! He got out, ran after her and caught her just before she got to the door. He said something to her, and that is when she leaned forward and gave him a peck on the cheek. My heat was beating so fast, you’d swear I was on the date and not he. An animated “YESSS!!” may have escaped my lips. Damn… I can’t take much more of this! Dating is hard work! I am going to have to take the boy under my wing!

nice work!

seriously though, i'm never actually sure what to do when a guy arrives with flowers. I mean, if you dump them in the sink and leave, by the time you get back they're limp and sad. If you make him wait while you phaff about trying to find something that approximates a vase, you are just wasting date time.

On the other hand, if he offers to put them in water for you and the next thing you know he's taken half an hour snipping stems and trimming leaves and finally ending up with an ikebana creation that would make a zen master cry, you'd better end the date right there.

Chitty dude, you gotta start a blog on dating tips! you sure know how to treat a lady. As per your post http://ridingtheslipstream.blogspot.com/2006/03/quaint-act-of-obsolete-age.html, i don't think it is quaint or retro - my husband gets me flowers every friday and i luv it (and he is no old fart, he is 29)
youth today just lacks the know how!

Hey C.C anyway you can stop by my place next Saturday and pick us up? Icould prolly use some dating tips as well :P

moonflake: If he starts decorating flowers and if I were you... I'd bring out "The Sound of Music" and brush up on the Celine Dion songs.
CA: Dating tips... that'll be like putting the devil in charge of heaven.
If hubby brings you flowers every Friday, what does he do when he really screws up?
Spyder: Haha... sure I can do that, and I promise not to drink b4 the time.
Dating tip: Do not drool on your date, unless she asks you to. :P

very good question - the truth being however that he never screws up. we are like soulmates, we have known each other for 13 years. i know i know, don't go and throw up now.
but i got lucky what can i say? :-)

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