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Friday, April 21, 2006 

I have a brilliant career ahead of me

There are days when you are subtly reminded that the career challenging opportunities you were hoping for, may take a while to come to fruition. This morning I attended a meeting that can only be described as, A Meeting Of The Minds…well, of one mind at least. You see, before the “historical” meeting could even commence, we had a problem right away. None of the invitees bothered to show up! There I was, alone in a room, armed with a notebook, all set to doodle or draw humping stickmen, while the others are stroking one another’s egos, and no-one bothers to show up. Not even the guy who called the infamous meeting showed up! That just proves, when the chips are down, I am truly the best the company can rally on short notice. Fortunately for me, a feast of edible goodies had been ordered for the meeting. So I just sat there for half an hour and stuffed my face with baked muffins and croissants, while contemplating why, in spite of my friend Brad’s vivid account of the events, I find the idea of having sex in an elevator just a tad sleazy. Well, there is also the matter of the g-forces generated in an elevator. At least it got my left brain talking to my right brain… so I guess there was a meeting of the minds after all. Yeah, I am in a league of my own when it comes to solving life’s all-important issues. Riveting stuff! This reminds me, I need to send an e-mail to my workmates telling them there is free food in the boardroom.

and 15 minutes after you left the room everyone arrived to discover a room that looked like a crowd of starving hounds had been through it, devouring all in their path and leaving behind pictures of stick-men humping in elevators...
didn't you get the "meeting rescheduled" email?

you are too kind - informing your colleagues of free food in the boardroom. I would have gotten some 20 doggy bags, packed the rest and had meeeself a nice little picnic when i got home! yeah man!

elevator sex - the only time when being a premature ejaculator is a good thing.

Unless of course you're going to hit the emergency stop button and take your time about it. Except I'm sure it's not as much fun when the fire department wrench open the doors just in time to catch your cum-face.

Nah, I'll stick to horizontal modes of transportation, thanks.

Eating a muffin and thinking about sex in the elevator.

I dunno, maybe it's just me, but there's Freudian balance abut that...

I hope there were strawberries too, and bowls of cream. I was just at a meeting where everyone who was invited arrived--but no one except the weary politician who was the guest of honor, and me, bothered to enjoy the strong coffee and the fruit platters...and cold, cream filled eclairs.

Made me wonder where the minds (or tongues--no, don't go thinking x rated thoughts) of the group were.

As to elevator sex, I agree. Like sex in cars it is tremendously over rated and definitely tacky. But--in the woods, or other private, outdoor places...another story entirely.

Zenstar: More likely, a pack of hyenas.
Meeting re-scheduled? Is that what the e-mail was all about?
coffee addict: Lol... you are my kind of girl. I am putting you on my mail list for whn there is free food.
moonflake: LOL. Horizontal modes of transport... as in jet planes?
Gotta get thet "cum-face" image out of my mind.
IITQ: Now that you menton it, ther may well be.
Sex and muffins? Can I throw in some whipped cream?
Jarvenpa: See, now you seem like a woman who knows what she's taking about.
I am going to explore some of your suggestions at the next meeting.

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