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Friday, March 10, 2006 

Chew on this, if you will?

My computer is on the blink and everything I have tried to post, has disappeared. So, there will be no lengthy wacky post today. Instead, I have a question: Is it possible to become infatuated or fall in love with someone before you’ve met them in person and how real would this feeling be? No, I have not stepped through the looking glass and into an alternate reality and the chitster is no less sane than he usually is. It is however a loaded question and there are some events that has lead me to asking it. And yes, dear readers, I want you to respond! (I can already see KN’s brain ticking over… no doubt it will be a doozy!)

If we make the assumption that love can go beyond the physical, that you can love someone for their personality alone, then it must be possible.

From a reality perspective, i can think of at least one couple i know personally who met online, fell in love, and only then met in real life. I've lost contact with them now, but i would not be surprised to find them still together.

Bloody hell.

Talk about loaded.

Now, could he be talking about someone he knows wrt someone else, someone who has fallen for him, someone he has fallen for?????

My opinion? I think we can definitely fall for someone before pysically meeting them, but I think that there is a chemical physical thing. If it's not there, things won't work.

Attraction is a wierd thing though. Some people find people attractive who everyone else might find repulsive.

Hang on... this sounds like a follow-up to the GF's casual question...

Lust for sure, I don't think love.

Yes it is completely possible to fall for someone before actually meeting them. The trap, if you wanna call it that, for me has been building them up to be something more than they are. questions and answers have much more time to be thought about than those asked or answered when face to face. touchy or risky words can be followed by the " lol " or the ever popular " :) ".
I have given myself some advise, perhaps it will help.
" Just remember the person on the other side is just that, on the other side. "

Yes, I think it is very possible. If you have shared thoughts, words, feelings--you may find that you are sharing inner selves that would be harder to share with such honesty had you met at a local cafe or something.
That being said, there is the shock of in-person that might mitigate the love at a distance thing.
But I think it very possible that you could, with luck, meet and get to know someone first through words--and then in person--and find it a lasting love.

I'd say it's possible to fall in love with your perception of someone.

my question exactly! i know i am late to this post, but if you feel like doing a 'rak' (random act of kindness) would you repost this question sometime. i would pay money to hear everyone's answers now. what ever happened to your crush or whatever? ; ]

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