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Friday, February 24, 2006 

Sucker punch

I have to post something, because I do not want to see the SA Blog Awards logo from the previous post. Every time I visit the page, it seems to jump out at me from the monitor and shouts, “Boo!”. Unnerving… Someone told me a yawner today. A yawner is what I call a joke that has a good storyline, that reasonably holds your interest, but when you hear the punch-line, it is like a sucker punch. All you really want to do is roll-over and play dead, much like Fido does, only in a more dramatic fashion. Now that would be really funny. Is it ok not to laugh when someone tells you a really crappy joke? Or is it less ok, to dig in deep and muster up all the courage you have left, fake a boisterous laugh and say something like, “Oh, man that was good” ? My colleague, Deon, (I call him Spyker) is really not a very good joke-teller. I hadn’t really given it much thought, until this morning, when obviously in awe of the fact that it is Friday, he tried to brighten up my morning by telling me a joke he heard on the radio. He was ok at telling the story, but it when it came to delivering the punch-line, he was a disaster. I kept wondering why he did not leave the joke for when we have a drink after work… at least the alcohol would numb the pain. He kept trying to explain the punch-line to me by saying, “Well, the point of the story is… “ I did not have the heart to tell him that one should never try to explain the punch-line. A good punch-line needs a good build-up, and when you get that right, you’ve got a winner. So In honour of people who tell crappy jokes, here are my three favourite punch-lines:

  • Everybody knows she's 30, so why are there only 25 of us here?
  • Hurry -- it's depreciating rapidly.
  • Moooooooo!
Alright, I’m done here. Yeah, I crack me up too. Really I do. Now, what was the joke again?


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