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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

Carpe Diem!

“Just let it go!” said the voice in my head. “Just pay and get out of here“ But letting go is not that simple. There are situations that require one to take immediate action. They need to be addressed, exploited, decisions have to be made and plans put into place to achieve the desired outcome. Sometimes these circumstances are beyond your control and yet you feel compelled to do something about it. The little voice inside your head tells you to stand clear and to accept, to force yourself to forget. Surrender the powerful emotions which compel you to take action. The path to inner peace can be fraught with moments of weakness. The road that has to be taken can be long and arduous. There are many obstacles and potholes along the way and the ground may be uneven. Something or someone may trip your balance. We get caught up in the labyrinth of people moving around us, we lose our step; we stumble and lose our way. Emotions can be dealt with in a more discrete manner. We can channel our energy creatively to another medium. Step out of this world and into an alternate reality, focus on other situations. Act on a fantasy and explore feelings in a safety zone where they are easier to face and through the magic of words which will never be spoken. But just sometimes, words can be spoken and a helping hand can be extended. And by dong so, we can help someone along their way. “Erm… excuse me, miss”, I said without any hesitation. She looked up from the magazine she was reading and put down the pen she held in her hand. A tired expression on her face, one that has been honed and perfected through years of practice. It is an expression that matches the indifference with which she treats the people who cross her path daily. “You have ballpoint ink all over your mouth and front teeth” A look of complete shock and disbelief in her eyes. If it wasn’t for the counter top, her jaw would have hit the floor and bounced back up to the ceiling. The shop went quiet and the two teenagers standing behind me roared with laughter. Mission accomplished. Yep, I am as bad as they come.

Well, you had me too. I was just about to say something about how everyone in blogdom seems to be in a speculative mood at the moment.....

Nicely done, indeed!

that was perfect. nice job

hi dear, Livewire tagged me (task is to come up with 5 weird things about oneself). I bet you have some, so I have tagged you...

And your post (you can ignore my tag, that's okay) is brilliant!

Hmmm great post! Loved the deviation towartds the end!!

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