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Thursday, January 26, 2006 

The dog is still a puppy

I have a brand new pet peeve. I detest people who ask me, “So… how’s the new year going?” I don’t know how the new year is going. The new year is only FOUR weeks old and although the first pay-day is upon us, I suppose it is going like any other year…. SLOWLY and one day at a time. I’m still broke from spending all that money over the holidays. My credit card looks like it fought in the Battle of Hastings and I already need another holiday. The problems of the old year followed me into the new year and I have yet to come up with a plan on how to rid myself of them permanently. Why would people even ask you a question like this? If the new year were a relationship, we’d still be in the getting-to-know-you phase. We would be bonding, falling in love and spending all our free time together. Our hearts will be filled with anticipation. And even though we may have progressed to the bedroom, I’d still be getting a boner every time I think of her. So please don’t ask me how the new year is going? Ask me a few months from now and I promise to give you an answer. I only need to get past the getting-to-know-you phase and as soon as 2006 and I become a couple, I’ll tell you. I’ll even throw in a boner for good measure. A simple, “How are you?” will do for now.

This post gave me a much needed laugh! Hilarious!!

Glad I could help, Moni. We could do with more laughter.

Glad could help, Moni. We could do with more laughter.

Chitty! The credit card stuff will be better..the end of the month is almost here, not to mention February is a short month (so another pay check just around the corner)....
haha, if the new yr is a new relationship, you'd better hope she doesn't take half ur money at the end of it..

You write so well, and you did make me laugh. Yes, it is amazing that people say stupid cliche things constantly. I think maybe they don't expect a real response. Just "oh, fine, just fine, yep!"

hey chittychittybangbang,
thanx for ur comment. it's such a coincidence-coz a few months ago, i was browsing through blogs and i came across urs, which i think is pretty interesting, entertaining and the language very easy to relate to. but i couldn't remember the url later, so i never managed to get to ur blog after that. luckily u commented. so wishing u good luck for the new year.

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