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Friday, February 03, 2006 

Miscellaneous bits and pieces

It is Friday and I’ve got the end-of-summer lurgies. Miserable and sick and at home courtesy of the two (maybe more) weeks of rain and thunderstorms we had in Johannesburg. I tried one of those 24-hour cold and flu cures. The name already tells you it may not work, since there is no cure for the common cold. Anyway, it involves taking 8 tablets over an eight hour period. I fell asleep after taking the first 3 tablets and only woke up 2 hours later. So in order to stay with the program, I took 3 tablets. Dumb Move!! For the next hour I was as high as a kite and may have had long and intimate discussions with the blue fairy who resides in the fourth dimension. The meds finally wore off and now I feel worse than before. I am actually thinking of renting myself out as a snot-vending machine (I know… gross), but it may be a short-lived career and the perks aren’t that good. Outofctrl and jarvenpa have cast the “five weird habits” meme on me. Now I am already as weird as can be (read more here) and any reader of this blog will know that I do not need any help in embarrassing and “revealing” myself. But since they asked so nicely, and because I am feeling a little guilty, I have decided to play along. I am not going to tag anyone. This meme has been around for quite a while and I reckon most ppl came across it in one form or the other. So without further delay, let the strip-tease begin… 1. I am not particularly religious, but I pray nearly every day because, if nothing else, I do not want to tempt fate and I recognize that I don’t have all the answers. 2. I use the word “basically” a lot in conversations. 3. When I come across a good book or a really nice song, I’ll encourage all my friends or family members very strongly (as in, I insist) to read it or listen to it too. 4. I read magazines and newspapers back to front. I find it easier to turn the pages that way. 5. When I get my hands on a push-button pen, I will click it continuously. It really annoys people around me, but I cannot help myself. Since I had all that free time on my hands, I visited the Apple website and came across this gem: Apple iPod Socks - Dress your iPod up in any one of six vibrant colour socks (green, purple, grey, blue, orange, and pink). This set of knit socks provides a stylish, fun, and practical way to protect your iPod. For use with all iPod models except iPod shuffle. So add a dash of colour to your iPod with iPod Socks, the year's cosiest and most vibrant iPod accessory. At $29.00 for a pack of six, I am thinking it is a rip-off. I can get my grandmother to knit me one of these in no time at all and for much less. I find the idea of dressing up my iPod a little weird. It is prolly no more so than buying a case for you cell phone. Perhaps it is the woolly bit that gets to me? Just for fun: The Penis Song by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. The title says it all. How to fold a shirt in Japan. I’ve actually seen something similar in a television ad to promote the launch of a new South African magazine. And here’s one for the budding artists amongst us. Go here and let your imagination run wild.

I hope you will soon be feeling better. It is odd to think that you are facing the end of summer as those in my hemisphere are wistfully waiting out the last days of winter. When I first read Pablo Neruda's poems I got very confused by his seasonal references, until I caught on, duh, that Chile is in the southern hemisphere.
Maybe your grandmother can start a lucrative business knitting wooly covers for all sorts of electronic thingies.
Thank you for playing along so kindly with my tag (I am such a cyber newbie that I had no idea it had been circulating amongst the web oldtimers for a while).

No worries, Jarvenpa. I had fun playing along.
We aren't having much warm weather at the moment. We had what can only be considered as one of the wettest summers in recent years. or
We've had rain every day for almost a month!

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