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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

What a tangled web we weave...

"You are a dishonest little shit!" I did not quite know if I truly deserved all the abuse that was lavished upon me. Apparently, not only am I dishonest, but I also stand accused of being a liar and a master of deceit. Now deceit is hardly something one can be proud of, but when you put it together with master, admittedly, the words do have a certain measure of appeal to them. What was even more disturbing; these words were being said to me by my very own mother! The woman who had raised me and who had given me life. Never in a mllion years would I have expected her to be so critical of me. After all, I am her son, and even though I may not have been the best of son's, one always hoped that a parent would be more understanding of their children. It is a near impossible task trying to appease a member of your own family, especially when they come face to face with the horrible evidence of your lies and deceit. There is really nothing you can do to redeem yourself. The evidence was right there and it spoke for itself. Look, I am not proud of what I had done. But I did it out of love, and I would do it all again if the circumstances called for it. Yes, I have deceived her. I lied to her, strung her along and I was not honest with her for the entire time she was with me. But I only acted under instructions. I was a mere pawn in this intricate game and my cruel masters had the upper hand. After all, it was her birthday. How else could my dad, the siblings and I surpise her with a celebratory breakfast? The look of surpise on her face, and the tears of joy as she grabbed my arm and called me a "dishonest little shit"... now it doesn't get any better than that, does it?

never saw that coming - great post!

so you are not scared. be warned!!

master chitster when does the book come out.
or movie. you are the master poster. lol. sorry for all the late notes. no more i promise. i will stay current.

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