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Thursday, June 29, 2006 

Not quite Little Boy, but damn close...

Sometimes one has to roll with the punches and take things in your stride. Other times, tact has no place in this world, and one has to tackle what life throws at you… head-on. ME: Dude, did you just fart while I was taking to you? HE: Erm… No, of course not! (crooked smile) ME: Are you sure? I heard a strange noise while you were talking to me. HE: Oh, that was my stomach rumbling. I haven’t had breakfast and I am a little hungry at the mo. ME: Man, you really ought to see a doctor about that stomach of yours. HE: He he… why’s that? ME: Well, it seems that when your stomach rumbles, it also gives off a unique odour. Not very pleasant at all. (I back away and start walking to the other side of the room) HE (giggle): Where are you going… we aren’t done talking yet! ME (laughing): Uh… yeah about that… can we continue this conversation sometime later? There is a pocket of fresh air on the other side of the room. I want to get to it before it disappears. HE (realizing the game up): Come on [K]… gimme a break, ok? Look… I’m sorry. ME (still laughing): Dude… think Little Boy & Hiroshima! When the last bomb of this magnitude was dropped on mankind, it was 6th of August 1945. And even back then, the outcome was not pleasant. . HE (shaking his head): They broke the mould when they made you, didn’t they? ME (from across the room): Funny, you should say that. I just had the same thought about you. Now, we are all guilty of letting go and thinking we can get away with at some point in our lives. That’s life! But when you are caught in the act, do the honourable thing and ‘fess up. Stinker! I wonder if he is radio-active? Guess, I’ll have to wait and see if my nose falls off.

ROTF! Classic! Strangely enough The Viking and I had a similar conversation recently. He divulged to me that he doesn't understand this male bonding thing. One of his clients, also an old friend of his, apparently feels so at home in the presence of males he feels it appropriate to release noxious gases accompanied by those odd noises. Needless to say, The Viking found it as offensive as you did, "Dude, you can't do that!"

Funny story.

Katt:I don't mind the occasional "harmless" fart. But some of these are capable of nuking all within striking distance!
Doll: Thanks for stopping by


My youngest son finds farting the funniest thing in the world. He can make quite convincing fart sounds (which, blessedly, are of course scentless).
Your post, however, brought up something I had long forgotten--being in the splendid cathedral, Notre Dame, in Paris, with my own true love of the time--and it was a newish relationship, I wanted it to be all romantic.
And I'd eaten a great many dried apricots...
Well, it wasn't romantic. He wondered, I am sure, why I suddenly drifted to the other side of the cathedral.

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