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Tuesday, June 06, 2006 

Culinary Interlude

Me: Can I have the chicken combo, please? (combo = ½ grilled chicken, large fries, 4 bread rolls with a side order of tangy mayonnaise) Assistant: Do you want bread rolls and fries with that? Me (perplexed): Uh... of course I do. It thought that’s what I ordered? Assistant: How many do you want? Me: How many of what? Assistant: How many bread rolls do you want? Me: Let me see… how about a dozen? Assistant: (Rings up the order and passes the order slip on to guys in the kitchen) I start to giggle. Supervisor (watching from the side with an amused smile): Sir, please do not screw with the trainee staff? Me (still laughing): I am not. He is actually doing a fantastic job of it all by himself. I just thought I’ll lend him a helping hand, if you know what I mean. That reminds me…uh, I think I’ll pass on the mayo. Supervisor: You are a regular stand-up comedian, aren’t you? Me: You should see me at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Supervisor: (Laughs and walks to the back to correct the order) Now who said you can’t have fun with fast food?

lucky bastard. why don't i get opportunities like that??

wait - i can answer that myself. because i don't deserve them as much as you do.

You know, I'd love to do that.. but I'm Canadian. I have to be polite. I'm just too nice for my own good to play with someone like that.

Though I get a guy to go on about how he was all about the fruit when he was ordering a drink a couple nights ago... heh heh heh

Aaaah, sowing the seeds of discontent and misinformation. What fun!

TW: These opportunities present themselves on a daily basis. Most of the time, we let them pass by without a second thought, because we are always busy or in a rush to get somewhere.
Blackcrag: It is ok to play along as long as one keeps it lighthearted and know when to stop.
All about the fruit... hehe... do tell?
Katt: Yeah... and I so love doing that!

I'm just salivating on my keyboard at the thought of having fried chicken! There is no such animal like that here!

JerseyTjej: I am curious. Why are there no chickens in Sweden?
Thanks for stopping by.

did you truly get 12 bread rolls? staff trainees like that should be fired on the spot, if they don't even know what's on the menu. thick thick people! :) but hey, if you can get away with it, fantastic! bring it on! you should have asked for a couple sundaes and doughnuts on the side :)

What I wouldda given to witness this! lol!

CA: The supervisor corrected the order and I only got 4. Friggin' spoil-sport! After all that, I deserved the dozen.
Realist: No doubt you would have joined in and driven the poor trainee to tears.

The fruit incident: I bartend and serve at banquets for a Big Hotel. I was working at a high school graduation dinner, serving a young lovely in her evening gown, and her date. There's no alcohol at these high school functions. The girl didn't know what she wanted, but asked for something fruity. a virgin Seabreeze seemed the answer, and I told her "I know exactly what to mix for you." The guy said he'd have one too.

I raised an eyebrow at the guy, and said, "It's kind of fruity."

"Oh, that's OK, I'm all about the fruit."

Given a line like that, how could I not egg him on?

Me: "So, you like the fruit, do you?"

Guy: "Oh yeah, the fruit is good."

Me: "OK, a real fruity drink, coming up."

Guy: "I love the fruit. I'm all about the fruit, man."

The girl is smiling away, seeing what I'm doing, this guy's getting louder, and I'm keeping my professional half-smile on. After I fed him a couple more lines, he finally clues in to what he's saying, slips his arm around the girl, and says "Yeah, I'm man enough for the fruit. In a manly way of course."

The girl is giggling like crazy, I just grin and wish them a good time at the dinner. He was good about it, once he clued in.

You gotta love being funny. It helps, ALWAYS!


still laughing. this is so funny! if you have a brother who is single, pleaze box him up and ship him to me ASAP. ; ]

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