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Thursday, July 27, 2006 


in Mr. Video (video & dvd rental franchise) Guy: How about this one? (holds up a DVD cover and looks at it) Girl: Let me see… (takes the cover fro him). Aaah. I know about this one. My sister rented it a few weeks ago. Guy: And… what did she have to say about it? Is it any good? Girl: Not a good movie. She said the plot is predictable & tired; the characters are shallow and the dialogue wooden. Guy: Ah… ok. (takes the cover from her and puts it back on the shelf) Girl (looking at another DVD): The special effects and action scenes are brilliant and the love scenes are very graphic. Guy: Cool… I think we should take it. (Grabs the DVD and follows her into the next aisle) Got to hand it to him. He knows a good movie when he sees one. Pity there was only one copy left... hehe.

Clearly a guy who know his own (dirty) mind!!!

LOL Now you leave us hanging! What movie was it?

katt asked the exact same question that i clicked "post a comment" to ask.

Curly K: And he is not alone!
We are so easy aren't we? LOL
Katt & Zenstar: The movie is THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR.
I disagree with the sister's review of the movie. It is actually not that bad.
As for action, special effects and graphic sex... I can only vouch for one out of the three.

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