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Thursday, July 20, 2006 

Swimming upstream

The gf and I are having dinner with her parents tomorrow night. Pffft. Dinner with her parents is like walking into the lion’s den covered in the blood of a freshly slaughtered animal. I exaggerate of course, but these encounters can be pretty harrowing. It is not that I cannot stand the prospective in-laws, they are good people I am sure. It just feels as if I am on trial when I am with them and there is a distinct expectation that I need to prove myself every time we meet… especially to the father. [S]’s father is old school, and I say this in the nicest possible way… a pit-bull from days gone by. He’s a self-made man as he likes to put it. He runs his own business and got to where he is today through hard work, long hours and sheer perseverance. I am not afraid of him, but he does make me somewhat uneasy. He grew up in a time where a man’s worth and success was measured by how well he provided for his family and where the husband was the supreme god. They say, “Keep your son off the pipe and your daughter off the pole”. His parenting style is a lot more complex than that. And it starts with a firm belief that he knows better… which is fine, I guess, for when the kids are small and still living with you. I am a constant source of bewilderment to him it seems. I know he’s actually faking it, so I play along. And even if he isn’t, I would not blame him… there are times when I confuse myself. He has very little understanding of what my profession entails, preferring to see marketers as “blood suckers” and intrinsic spinners of tall tales. (I actually agree with him on this) And because I know this, I use it to my advantage whenever the opportunity arises. Rub it in, so to speak. Hey… if you can’t win ‘em over, you may as well have fun with them. And I do like to have fun! The most difficult part of our “relationship” is that he still sees [S] as his little girl. He is very protective of her and therefore too damn close to us for my liking. In some ways he sees me as the challenger, and although I given him any reason to believe that I do not have her best interests at heart, he would not hesitate to take me on if he believes I am not doing right by her. He’d also prefer it if I was more conventional and less of a nutcase… yeah right. I am known for being head-strong and a cocky. He and I have had fiery debates (all in good spirit) in the past over a number of things, such as my job, the state of the nation (is it ever good?); sport and how Hollywood and modern technology have turned men into wimps. He has some pretty nifty ideas about what real manhood entails. Keeping a straight face in the midst of such unwavering comical conviction takes a lot doing. Believe me! The trump card is that his daughter chose me and it really does not matter what he or anyone else thinks. This has lead me to believe that I am either just like her father or his polar opposite. For obvious reasons, I am strongly leaning towards the latter. God forbid I am him 20 years on. The strategy for tomorrow night is to focus on the rugby. With the Boks’ dismal performance last week and the upcoming game against the All Blacks, I can’t go wrong. Now that is how one shifts the focus and does marketing for personal gain! That qualification is coming in handy after all.

Um, explain something to me, please. Your GF's dad is old school, right? And I distinctly recall a while back you posted something about her wanting to mother your offspring. Do I have this right? Is she trying to get you killed?

PS: Are you aware of the fact that your e-mail addie seems to be dysfunctional?

Tell me that the gf at least acknowledges the fact that her dad is a pain, and stands up to him on your behalf. Because my ex used to just stand quietly by and say nothing while his parents ripped into me, and then later defend their position to me. I guess that's why he's my ex.

Katt: I am trying to get him killed... ha ha. The wanting to have a baby phase has been sorted out. There will be no small chittis running around anytime soon. Not because of the pit-bull, but for more rational and important reasons.
About the addy: Don't know how it got to be like that. Delete the "Remove_spam" thingy at the front, and it should work ok.
Moonflake: She tried to do that in the beginning, and I told her not to. It made it seem as if she speaks for me and that I am unable to defend myself/stand my ground. I'm not afraiid of him, trust me... he is a mild irritation. Besides, there is always The Chister when it comes down to it... he he.

Uh, small point.

Choice of fish. He would more likely be swimming up-wave.

If he was swiming upstream he'd be seriously lost...

Small point, indeed. Could not find a good pic of salmon swimming upstream... so I did the best I could. Still illustrates the point made in the post adequately, even if it is as you say upwave.

Sorry dude - I found the thought of a Marlin swimming upstream funny, and my comment was my attempt at sharing that. But I wasn't very funny... Damn.

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