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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 

Happy blogging... but not today!

Borrowed Originally uploaded by kylinho.

Harumph... and once more "we" are unable to access the blog. Well that's it! I am organizing a Blogger Sucks/Legalize Marijuana rally in my residential area. I reckon if the Blogger Sucks rally fails to materialise, we can all get high on pot and laugh our asses off. (Puff... Puff... Pass)

BIG UPS to Flickr for allowing me to my post to my blog on blooger from their site! I wasted about half an hour on blogger writing up my post for today and then I lost it all thanks to the techno-critters at blogger. I don't have the energy to organize my thoughts again and redo the post. So I will just bitch about how much blogger sucks.

Not very original I know... but bitching an moaning is blogging at its best, right?


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