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Friday, May 27, 2005 

Not funny in my world

Whoo…!! Friday again and I am feeling a tad miserable. Well I am not exactly miserable, but I am not looking forward to the weekend… this being the highly overrated and much dreaded month-end weekend. Which is kind of strange, seeing as we got paid… yesterday. Yeah, the salary is in the bank and I now have more money than I know what to do with. Hahaha… and if you believe that, I suggest you put down that zol (joint) you've been smoking and come back down to earth! Come to think of it… it is this very money that is the source of my discontent. I never seem to have enough of it and that which I earn has already been earmarked for paying bills such as the utilities, buying food, car payments, petrol, credit card payments, etc… yeah all the necessary trappings that make my life possible. Fuckit… just for once I wish that my earnings can remain in my bank account for a little while longer than necessary and that the things I absolutely have to pay account for less than half of what I earn. I hate parting with my money. I earned it and want to spend it on fun things like I used to when I was younger and not tied down by responsibility. Apparently, earning more money is also not the solution, because the more you earn, I am given to believe, the more extravagant your lifestyle becomes and the nature of your expenses increases proportionally. Damn... welcome to the vicious cycle and earning and spending and discontent. “Let me tell you son”, my Dad used to say (after he had his 5th glass of whiskey), “You can never have enough money and even when you think you have enough, there is always more to be made”. Yeah, dad... great advice… I think your forgot the part where money does not necessarily equal happiness and content. On second thought, these days you may just be able to do just that. Everything has a price... I tell you! Aahh, I suppose I could budget and spend more wisely, but where is the fun in that?! Anyway… enough of my pondering for now. I’ve got to get rid of the gloom, put on my Friday afternoon fun-guy face and live for the moment. I am meeting the mates later this afternoon at the pub… yep… things are guaranteed to look a lot better after the 3rd glass. (wink wink) Bottoms up!


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