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Thursday, May 19, 2005 

Should have taken the high ground

I am a relatively easy going person and there are few things that I am not ok with. Life and people are so diverse and something does not necessarily become bad or evil because it is not for you. Nor are we at liberty to condemn those who are different to us. Now when I say I am easy, I do not mean that I am a slacker. I do not allow ppl to walk all over me nor am I incapable of standing up for my beliefs. I am merely stating that I do not stand in judgment of other people and their lifestyles. I am rarely prejudiced and I will not grandstand or shove my beliefs down the throats of others. Yet, I realise that there are people who do so on a regular basis. They consider them morally and intellectually superior to the rest of us. They always know better and are hardly ever wrong. I hate people like this. I hate their self indulgent, narrow-minded, sanctimonious views on life. I hate mostly how they look at you when you dare disagree with them. You know that look… the one with the raised eyebrow that makes you feel like you crawled from the gutter and that you pollute the air just by being there. Bastards… I ran into someone like that at work today. A few of us were in the tea-room and somehow the conversation drifted to lifestyles. Now the workplace is hardly the place for a convo like this, but I had a viewpoint, so added my two cents. What a friggin enormous mistake that was! You see my perspective was in direct opposition to Mrs. holier-than-thou’s point of view. This meant that I qualified to receive the look…. which I duly did. And boy did I get a good one! I think she reserves for special occasions, because it was a piss-in-your-pants-and-crawl-back-into-your-hole-out-of-the-ball-bark masterpiece. But that's not all... next I was the proud recipient of a half an hour tirade on the decay of the moral fiber of modern society, complete with quotations from The Bible and other religious dogma and who knows what else. I tried to space out but I was so in awe of this person’s arrogance and self-imposed superiority that I simply had to stay and listen. It was the kind of performance people get awards for. At the end of her tirade, I countered with observations of my own which only served to outrage my nemesis even more. Seeing as this was not going to lead anywhere, I bit my tongue and excused myself. (Harumph, so much for 38 ways to win a bloody argument...hehehe) As I walked away, she made a snide remark about me to the others while I was still within earshot. Now anyone is entitled to something as weighty as an opinion, but a snide remark does not count as one. The words, “You fucking narrow-minded bitch! Why don’t you take your stupid fucking opinion and show it up your self-righteous ass?” effortlessly rolled from my lips before I could stop them. Neither shouted nor screamed... just said it. I knew I should not have lost my cool the minute I said it. Her jaw dropped and she let out a hissing sound. Hehehe... must have been the sound of her enormous ego deflating. It was too late to apologise… and perhaps if it had been someone else, I would have. Of course she has now filed a grievance against me and we have a meeting with HR later this afternoon. Man, there is no way I am getting away on this one. I lost my temper and now I am going to have to pay the price. On the bright side… I don’t think I don’t think she will ever talk to me again. Fuggit!


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