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Thursday, May 12, 2005 

Play or fold

When a woman flirts with you, is it ok to flirt back when you are in a relationship? What about flirting in the workplace? Is there a right way to do it, a wrong way? Good idea, bad idea? Innocent, or deceitful? My sister reckons I am walking on dangerous ground and that thinking it is as good as doing it. I struggle with what she means by “doing it”. I didn’t even want to ask, because I knew we were going to end up in philosophical debate and that is more than what I was in the mood for. Nevertheless, it sounded a bit harsh to me and I feel she is way ahead of me on this particular one. OK... I can see the need for caution; I also see flirting as charming and an honest expression of interest in others… that is if you can keep it lighthearted and without serious intent. On the other hand, I am a guy and although I am not on the lookout for more, making the leap from lighthearted to not-so-lighthearted can happen in a heartbeat. Communication between men and women is at best a corpse-ridden minefield and it is easy to misinterpret what is being said or done. I also know that most things in life will start out as innocent, yet before you know it you are knee-deep in the poo, guilt-ridden and wallowing in self pity. Fuck… I hate not knowing the answers. I am known for biting off more than I can chew and perhaps I am better off leaving things the way they are. But... Ooohhh… I so like playing with the other kids… Damn!

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