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Monday, May 23, 2005 

The not-so-blue Monday morning

Monday afternoon and all is still well in the realm of the 9-2-5 slaves. Best of all, I am still smiling. I had me quite a memorable weekend. My Friday night at the movies was great and I felt like a teenager again. Yeah, I was the wide-eyed 20-something year old with the big grin and the adrenalin high... hehe. The movie did not disappoint, but I am not going to bore you with yet another boring review. Suffice it to say that special effects and fight scenes were outta this bloody world, the story was fantastic, my questions got answered and despite some mediocre acting, the coolness factor was well... ice cool. I give it an 8/10. In the words of the inimitable Master Yoda, "Done well, George Lucas has". I went to a party at a friend's on Saturday night. It was a great party. I drank too much, which is almost nothing by anyone’s standards, but that comes as no surprise or cause for concern. Compared to some of the people who were there I am a lightweight and merely a baby when it comes to the quantity I can consume. Anyway, my friend Josh had an accident courtesy of too many shooters and an assortment of jelly shots. He managed to fall out of a tree in the backyard and broke his leg in the process. How he got up the tree in the first place is beyond me, but I have to on good authority that it involved a certain girl and a displaced sense of machismo. Jackass! We had to take him to the hospital where they patched up and sent him home. Luckily for him the alcohol had the desired numbing effect and he suffered very little pain, if any at all … which was a bit of an anti-climax for the sadist in me. If you are going to disrupt a good party and if you are stupid enough to fall out of a tree I want to see you writhing pain. Act if you have to… milk it for what it’s worth… but make it worthwhile, dammit. On Sunday spent the day reacquainting myself with my Canon Rebel XT (Canon EOS 350D). It is a truly remarkable little camera with many great features and custom functions. I took about a fifty great shots and will process them with the help of the digital software on my pc. Sad thing is my printer has packed up and I cannot get the blue cartridge to work. I tried to print one or two pics and they were all tinted a horrible “barbie” pink. I have neglected my interest in photography which is a shame and I should actually post some of my pictures on here. Should be good for a few giggles at least!


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