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Thursday, June 30, 2005 

May the force be "in" you?

I am a die-hard Star Wars fan and I completely understand the obsession with memorabilia, comics, books, fan art, toy weapons, action figures, costumes, etc. But how far would one take this obsession? Appararently… not far bloody enough. Behold the lightsaber dildo!!! Now you can take your fantasies to the next level… or let them take you to a galaxy far away. I wonder who’s “equipment” it was modeled on? Darth Vader, Ob-Wan, or perhaps Mace Windu? I think we can safely rule out Yoda, although I have been told the size of the man(?) has very little to do with the do with the size of the package. Brings meaning to the phrase, May the Force Be with You, doesn't it?


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