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Wednesday, June 01, 2005 

Succumbed to the Dark side, I have

Oy... Sick as a newborn puppy, but the medication has started to kick in and I am feeling better already. Been out of commision for almost 3 days. I am confined to bed and bearing a distinct resemblance Count Olaf in Lemony Snicket’s - A Series of Unfortunate Events. (Yeah I suffer from delusions too, it seems) My head feels as if it is stuffed with cotton wool, my tongue is made from plywood and someone took the liberty of welding a high pitched electronic buzzer to the inside of my middle ear. My limbs refuse to make any significant movement due to the pain and lethargy that took up residence in them on Sunday night. Oh and of course there is the runny nose… need I say more? I have an army of cough syrups, anti-biotics, ointments, pain killers, Med-Lemon and a large flask of chicken soup at my bedside… fighting the good fight against the Duke of Winter and his evil accomplice Countess Influenza and her two henchmen Bac and Teria. Evil little mofo’s, but I have to hand it to them they put together an absolutely splendid buffet of fever induced hallucinatory dreams (or nightmares depending on the time of day). Anyway, I’ve not been blogging lately, and since I am starting to feel better today, I thought it good to come by and say hello. I’ve been trying to find interesting “stuff” on the Net to while away the time. Strangest thing, though! There is nothing interesting to do when you are at home in bed. There is nothing on television, nothing on radio, nothing interesting to read… nothing, nothing, and nothing. I exaggerate of course when I say nothing, but that is how it feels to me. Perhaps wanting to be healthy and feeling good has something to do with it. Anyway, hate to moan and groan although I seem to be extremely adept at it judging by the above… hehehe. Think I’ll catch a few more zzzzzz’s.


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