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Wednesday, June 01, 2005 

We are all such good liars!

Do you suffer from Pinocchio syndrome? You know… you are a notoriously bad liar and every time you do, you give yourself away by involuntary, non-verbal behaviors. Well fear not, because there is hope for you yet. If a recent article in the June 2005 issue of Scientific American Mind is to be believed, we are all Natural-born Liars! Humans are genetically programmed to lie and are so good at doing it, simply because… it works! All courtesy of Natural selection which has endowed us with the uncanny ability to lie to and deceive ourselves (yes, it all starts with the ego), and by doing so, also allows us to manipulate others around us while at the same time remaining conveniently innocent of our own shady agendas. Now is this cool or what?

"Everybody lies ... every day, every hour, awake, asleep, in his dreams, in his joy, in his mourning. If he keeps his tongue still his hands, his feet, his eyes, his attitude will convey deception." Deceit is fundamental to the human condition.
I would like to add a few observations of my own, but I fear that if my nose grows any longer I may never be able to leave my room. Or perhaps it won’t…


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