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Thursday, October 20, 2005 

Chitty takes the witness stand

I’ve been tagged 5 times(!) in the past 3 months and have NOT taken up the challenge on any one of them. I apologise to all those ppl who actually thought I am good at this sort of thing. This makes me a bit of a spoil sport, don’t you think? So in order to redeem myself, I have decided to take up Andrea’s challenge to disclose 20 random things about myself and tagging as many ppl as the time (in minutes) it took me to complete this. In no particular order; 1. When I was in kindergarten, I slapped my teacher because she wanted to kiss me on my birthday. 2. I once got lost in a supermarket and screamed like a banshee until my mother came to find me. 3. I once hid in the girl’s change-room at school so I could see them getting undress. 4. My favourite drink is Vodka Martini. 5. I rode a camel when I visited the pyramids in Egypt and could not walk properly for a day. 6. I have never been hospitalized. 7. My mom’s entire ladies tea club saw me naked when I was 18. (Do NOT even ask! I mean it!) 8. I can drink an entire can of Coca Cola in less than 10 seconds. 9. I hate spinach. 10. I threw up all over date at my Matric dance. 11. I love my Playstation and have over 50 games. 12. I sang the solo in Oliver Twist when I was in primary school . 13. I cannot stand to hear Celine Dion sing. 14. I worked behind the bar at a strip club to earn extra money when I was at university. 15. The first time I got drunk, I was 13 years old. 16. I once fell out of a tree and landed in a river and nearly drowned 17. I was a prefect in high school. (How's that one for you?) 18. I am a hyperactive adult. 19. I parachuted out of an aeroplane in my second year at university. 20. I have a killer smile. My tags: (and no pressure guys) Total waste (Revenge, mate. You threatened to send viruses to my home pc) Buddess (Call it curiosity?) IITQ ( I know you are going to hate doing this... all in good spirit) Michelle (I want a few surpises!) Rielle (You are the latest person to stumble onto my blog) Terri, Del, Lucy, Ekapa, KN, cec1del, Omid, PB... I am letting you off the hook (this time)


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