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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 


The Slipstream has been rather quiet over the last few days and with good reason. I am nearing my last days at the company I work for, with 23 November being my last official day of work. (Will someone give me a hallelujah?!) And being the kind of person that I am, I hate leaving behind any unfinished business. As a result, I am frantically getting all of my things in order, such as updating my work and project files, both electronically and on hard copy and making sure that whoever takes this position will know exactly what is going on from the minute they set foot in this office. Given my workload and the number of active projects I work on, it is not an easy task... but nothing worth doing well ever is. The good news is... I am almost there! I know from personal experience that a lot of things are blamed on the guy who leaves. Firstly, he is not there to defend himself and secondly, there is no way of knowing what the truth is. It is an ideal opportunity for those who are less than perfect to duck and dive. Why do I care if it is going to happen anyway? Well, it has a lot to do with my own personal and professional pride. I am a finisher. There will be no unfinished business/work and all other work will be taken to a point where the next phase can begin. I’ll be damned if I am going to let anyone criticize my work, say (or even hint) that I was incompetent at my job and that I left things in a mess, even if I am not there to hear them say it. I also take pride in knowing that despite being weird and wacky; I am extremely good at what I do. There are few people out there who know me that would disagree. Cleaning up and getting my office in order has also presented me with the opportunity to get rid of all of the things I do not need. So there is a lot of shredding and throwing out going on. It is amazing how much one can amass in such a small period of time! Of course the fact that I am a compulsive hoarder has lots to do with it. I brought things with me from my previous company, which if I really have to be honest with myself, has been of no value to me and prolly never will be. I don’t want to make the same mistake again and take with me more things that I may never need. If all goes according to plan, I will walk out of here next Wednesday with all my goodies neatly packed into a shoebox. Now that, my dear friends, is what I would call traveling light!


[Damn, don't you just love this picture?]

hahahah, loved the pic. keep it up mate.


Thanks for stopping by.Think I'll do the same and mosey on over to your blog.

The cleaning up bit is always fun.. It is a gentle reminder that is almost over.. Sort of slowly closing the door behind you.. and when you walk away with your shoebox, you know that you have done your best...

Anyway, that is generally how i feel when i leave a company..

Chiity , the thing to do is go to the desk of the person who gave you the most grief while you were there...pull off the plastic stopper that gaurds the sharp end of the metal frame , make a hole in it, pour the contents of a sardine can into the tubing and replace the stopper. You wont be forgotten - I promise :-)

Good luck at the new place...

hallelujah brother.

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